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History of Village Boshuri so impressive and attractive as the history of ,,Solo Grand Boshuri Hotel” establishment. Each corner of the Hotel has a History of work, thought and emotion. 

The authors of the project are local residence, a couple infinitely in love with each other. True love knows the right way and this is the reason we are writing hotel history for you. 

Unbelievable beauty of nature is exactly Village Boshuri, fresh tourism destination for all kind of travelers


Village Kvemo Boshuri, belongs to Gori municipality, 28km from Gori, in shida Kartli, on the northern slope of the Trialeti ridge,in the Tana river valley. 1250 meters above sea level. 77 km from Tbilisi 1.5 hours by car. 

According to historical reports, Gypsies came to the village from the Ksani Valley, whose language was Gypsy and the neme Gypsy survived. They soon left valley, although the name of the village is still until now Gypsy, which is divided into upper and lower Gypsy.



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Village rich with forests spruce and pine forest, fir trees. Cool in summer and population mainly follows cattle breeding and agriculture. 

This Village was near the head of the Tana River. Leks used to come out of Trialeti and harass the population.Among the cult buildings preset here, it is worth noting: ,,Ghvtismshobeli” of dry Khevi or Sakdri Khevi. The temple was built with whitewash in the 9th – 10th centuries and has one nave. 

The climate is truly magical, on the way to Khvemo Boshuri village, there are 3 forests layers starting from the Ateny Valley and ending with the Alpine Zone.





If you will discover new land, you will open new memory and history for you. Mission of our life discover new culture, traditions and nature. 

You are going to right way because 20 minutes walking away in the south of  Solo Grand Boshuri Hotel you will see unforgettable  TELIANI WATER CAVE with a rough stone-gravel footpath, which enters  the leafy massif of the forest and ends with a cave, from which masses of water seep into the  rock flow, known locally as Teliani water.

During your spiritual journey you will see genius and magic places, which has own value and power. 2 km away from the Hotel, CHURCH OF THE VIRGIN MARY will help you to discover new feelings.  


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For memorable pictures and your personal Gallery BIISI WATERFALL nice location to discover and take photos. Biisi waterfall is located to the east of the hotel. The beginning of the paved road is replaced by a footpath that  follows the river, so you can enjoy of the valley. The  beautiful cascade of the river is surrounded by high rocks  and a unique endemic forest. To the right of the road is the  famous "Ice Falls", which in summer looks like a wet rock  but in winter it turns into a magnificent ice waterfall, used for the annual ice climbing competition. The height of the  Biisi waterfall is 15m, and the water pooling at the  bottom also covers the big stones.



If you would like to discover new world than FISHERIA ,,SAKALMAKHE” IN GAGLUANTUBANI right place for you. Sakalmakhe is located west of the hotel (10 minutes away from hotel). It starts with an asphalted road, but at the end of the route, there is a rural road to reach the point. In Sakalmakhe, there are fish in tanks separated by age category. A beautiful forest spreads around Sakalmakhe, which creates a chain of conifers around it. Maybe you can even find a goldfish.

Sitting by a lake is such a peaceful experience. The world slows down and you can take the time to appreciate the moment.  Levitana Lake is located west of the hotel Solo Grand Boshuri.  On the way, you can meet green meadows, mountains, and slopes, as well as settlements. In several places, the spring flows. There are rest areas by the lake, where you can relax and enjoy the view.



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Atenis Sioni,  fragments of ancient decor were revealed on the stone surface. The imitation of an architectural structure is made with red paint. The cross depicted in the dome is outlined the same paint. In the temple, there is also a later decor, which is chronologically close to the first layer. The painting of Atenis Sioni is one of he outstanding and important examples of Georgian monumental painting. 

Ateni Sioni is located in the Shida Kartli area, Gori municipality, a little far from the village of Ateni, in the Ateni valley, on the edge of a rock, on a platform reinforced with a retaining wall. A road leads to Ateni Sioni, the length of the route is 17.6 km and the duration is 25 minutes.